Mark A. Gilmore
604 County Rd 181
Decatur, TN 37322
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Employment or contracts involving software design and development

Strong points:

  • Designs/develops quality/dependable/maintainable software very quickly
  • 30+ years experience developing software for a wide variety of applications/environments
  • Was developing Object-Oriented software before the concepts were formally developed
  • Extremely persistent (always finds a solution)
  • A quick study with new languages, technologies, concepts, etc
  • Very proficient at isolating/diagnosing problems
  • Conscientious (i.e. not a check-collector)
  • Customer satisfaction is highest priority
  • Strong communication and writing skills
Language/Technology Skill Level
AJAX Advanced
ASP.NET Novice
Assembly Advanced
BacNet Novice
C Expert
C++ Expert
C# (.NET) Moderate
CSS Advanced
Device-specific protocols (numerous) Expert
Embarcadero RAD Studio IDE Expert
HTML Expert
Hyperledger/BlockChain Novice
Java Advanced
JavaScript Advanced
Linux (x86 & ARM) Advanced
LonWorks protocol Novice
ModBus protocol Expert
Serial (RS232) communications Advanced
TCP/IP (Ethernet) communications Expert
Visual Studio Intermediate
Windows Expert

Professional Experience

Software Developer / Co. President
Omnipotence Software (1991-present):
Designed/developed/maintained/supported all versions of the "ECS" automation system (Windows, Linux/x86, and Linux/ARM)
ECS monitors/controls lights, appliances, energy management, security, video, entertainment, etc.
It has been used in all types of environments, including homes, offices, commercial buildings, universities,
sports arenas, police stations, public school districts (traffic lights), and over 80 department stores (see above).

Some of my tasks/responsibilities:

  • Wrote drivers to control/monitor over 100 types of controllers/sensors
  • Developed powerful/flexible Event Tables and English-like scripting language/editor/compiler
    (with which users may denote any desired behavior)
  • Developed browser-based user-interface:
    JavaScript/AJAX establishes 2-way TCP/IP communications with ECS, displays status/images/icons, and interacts with user.
    HTML/CSS is used extensively for various formatting/visual effects.
    Users may create customized web pages with virtually any desired appearance.
  • Developed a web browser in JAVA
  • Developed ECS configuration to control traffic lights for the Loudoun County VA school district (via RF)
  • NetCam/WebCam support (including recording and motion detection via the CIE94 color difference algorithm)
  • Designed EcoDimmer 12V LED lighting system (supported by ECS)
  • Voice-mail (via voice-modems)
  • Text-to-speech and speech-recognition (via Microsoft packages)
  • Extensive HTML user manuals
  • Company web site
  • Tutorials for the Home Automator newsletter

Senior Software Engineer
Agrifacture International Ltd (2017-present)
Customizes/maintains/supports an OEM version of "ECS" (described above) for automated/indoor grow facilities.

Software Developer
Motion View Software (2015-present)
Ported numerous Borland/C++ projects to Embarcadero RAD Studio,
and automated the process by writing a program that converts project files and modifies source code where needed.
Led internationalization effort to support 10 other languages (with minimal impact to existing sources).
Developed numerous/new software/features.
Enhanced existing software (for greater readability and ease of maintenance).

Senior Software Engineer
CMS Mechanical (2012-2014)
Customized/maintained/supported an OEM version of "ECS" (described above) for HVAC/lighting applications.
Used in over 80 department stores.
Developed scripts to monitor system for numerous alarm conditions and email reports.
Developed software to connect to ECS in every store, download logs, and create error reports (for failing thermostats, etc).
Researched/studied BACNET and LonWorks protocols (to the degree that I could add support for these protocols if needed).

Software Contractor
Practically Connected (2003-2004)
Customizes/maintains/supports an OEM version of "ECS" (described above) to control HVAC/lighting and monitor/conserve energy in sporting domes.

Software Contractor
Michael Barford Associates (2002-2003)
Customizes/maintains/supports an OEM version of "ECS" (described above) to control HVAC/lighting and monitor/conserve energy in commercial buildings.
Used at sites such as the Balch Institute, Franklin Institute, Temple University, Drexel University, and the Philadelphia NASDAQ.

Software Contractor
Magic Mansions (1990-1991)
Designed/developed/maintained all software for the Magic Mansions MM2000 home automation system (in C & Assembly for the Hitachi-6301).
Note: I ported this code to DOS to create the original "ECS" program (which I later ported to Windows and Linux).

Senior Scientific Programmer
Loral Data Systems (1982-1991):
This was a tremendous learning experience, as the numerous tasks assigned to me over these years varied so greatly
in terms of programming environments, languages, and hardware.

Projects/tasks included:

  • 68000 (microprocessor) firmware (mainly for signal acquisition/analysis)
  • Screen/menu support packages
  • Text editors (I still use one that I wrote)
  • Design and Requirement specifications
  • Maintenance and user manuals
  • VME board diagnostics
  • Ethernet drivers (TCP/IP and custom protocols)
  • Unix/RTU I/O Drivers (for DMA operations)

University of South Florida (Tampa, Florida)
B.S.E.S. with Computer Science Option (GPA of 3.03)
August 1981
Furnished upon request