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Please call 423-368-2339 for answers, a walk-through, or assistance.

This installation is complete and fully operational.

Note that the default ECS configuration is somewhat minimal (as we assume nothing about your needs).
If you provide us a description of your needs/devices, we'll promptly customize it accordingly (no charge).

ECS contains no spyware/adware.
Nor does it use a central server, or upload any information to same.

ECS is a portable application (i.e. no files are created or modified outside of the ECS folder).

Windows Install

Download and execute ECSC_SETUP.EXE (2017/04/08, ~33MB).

Linux Install

Note: ECS is built under Ubuntu, and so should run on any recent Debian-based distro.
  1. Login to your normal user account.
  2. Enter:
          mkdir ecs
          cd ecs
  3. Download ecsc.tar.gz (2017/04/08, ~21MB) to /home/{YourDirectory}/ecs.
  4. Enter:
          gunzip -v ecsc.tar.gz
          tar xvf ecsc.tar
          sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat
  5. If you're on a 64-bit PC, enter:
          sudo apt-get install ia32-libs libc6:i386 libncurses5:i386 libstdc++6:i386 openssl:i386
  6. To start ECS, enter ./ecs.bin (from within the /ecs directory). ECS will display it's Login page in your browser.
  7. To have Ubuntu automatically log you in and run ECS at boot:
    1. Create a shell file (/home/{YourDirectory}/ecsrun.sh) containing:
          cd /home/{YourDirectory}/ecs
          xterm -hold -e ./ecs.bin
    2. Enter "chmod +x ecsrun.sh (to make the file executable)
    3. Ubuntu:
      2. Enter your password
      3. Select your account (on the left)
      4. At Automatic login, click ON
      5. Close the window
      6. Click the Ubuntu button (grey button at or near the top of the launcher).
        A window with a search prompt will appear.
      7. Enter "STARTUP".
        The "Startup Applications Preferences" window will appear.
      8. Click ADD
      9. At Name:, enter "ECS"
      10. At Command:, enter "/home/{YourDirectory}/ecsrun.sh"
      11. Click ADD
      12. Click CLOSE
  8. To install ECS as a Service/Daemon (that runs independently at bootup):
    1. Edit ecs.service, and change "{YourDirectory}" to the name of your home directory
    2. Enter:
      chmod 664 ecs.service
      cp ecs.service /etc/systemd/system/.
      systemctl daemon-reload
      systemctl enable ecs.service
    3. Reboot
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