MotionAlert © Video Surveillance System
Simple / Dependable / FREE
MotionAlert requires only your PC and a WebCam or NetCam
Receive emails showing everyone (or thing!) who approaches your home or business:

MotionAlert detects motion by looking for changes in your camera's images.
If motion is detected while the system is armed, MotionAlert will:
  • Speak/play any desired phrase or audio file on your PC (at any volume)
  • Send you an email with 30-seconds of images/video

More features:
  • Automatically arm/disarm at desired times
  • Look for motion only in a specific area of the image (e.g. a doorway or driveway)
  • Periodically email a snapshot if no motion has been detected for a while
  • View live video and recordings from any Internet connection (extra option)
  • Control lights/appliances/sirens/etc (extra option)

Supports all WebCams and most popular NetCams (including Axis, D-Link, Panasonic, TrendNet, & Foscam)

To install, download /execute MOTIONALERT_SETUP.EXE.

MotionAlert contains no spyware/adware.
It does not use a central server or upload images to one (unless desired).

Need more ? MotionAlert is based on our ECS automation software.
With ECS, you can make anything happen when anything happens.

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