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Market your own OEM (private-label) version of ECS

If you need customized software to support your hardware, or if you're a system installer looking
for additional products to offer
, then you should consider marketing your own OEM version of ECS.
Your OEM would bear the name/contacts of your company (so you could market it as your own product).

Hardware Manufacturers
 With an OEM version of ECS, you can support/promote your product(s) with the highest quality software now
(yet not be burdened with the tasks of software development and maintenance).

System Installers
As the possible applications for ECS are literally limitless (in residential, commercial, and industrial environments),
the marketing possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Examples include energy management,
security, and entertainment. For details, please review both commercial and residential sections of our site.

All our OEM customers very pleased with ECS. We'll provide references upon request.

You may set your own price for the software (within reason :-)).

There is no commitment or up-front cost. All we require is a minimum of 2 sales per month.

We offer 2 dealership options (depending on who supports the software):
Basic-Dealer: We provide support, and the dealer gets 25% of the retail.
Advanced-Dealer: The dealer provides support, and gets 50% of the retail.

If you would like to see what your OEM would look like, please send us your desired
program name and contact info. We will then send your evaluation copy within 24 hours.

If you have questions, please call 423-680-7200.

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