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ECS Home Automation Software Omnipotence Software ECS Home Automation Software
Omnipotence (Merriam-Webster): An agency or force of unlimited power

Providing superior automation software since 1990

 Capability   Dependability   Experience   Support 

Lighting, HVAC, energy management, security, video, entertainment, and more

Make anything happen when anything happens

We offer free and paid versions for Windows and Linux (software only, or complete systems)

"ECS is simply the most powerful system available.
Every other system has significant limitations." Dan (Livonia, MI)

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Please call 423-368-2339 for answers, a walk-through, or assistance.
Note: We are not like other companies who put you on hold, and whose support staff has limited knowledge
of their own products. We know our software, and we enjoy conversing with other automation enthusiasts.

We developed the original ECS ("Event Control System") in 1989, and have been improving it ever since.
Now in its 3rd-generation design, ECS is easily the most powerful automation software there is.
Supporting a large variety of devices, ECS is elegantly simple, yet extremely powerful.
Automated tasks may be implemented via schedules and/or English-like scripts.
ECS can be remotely accessed from any web browser or web-device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).

We offer the very best in what matters most:
  • Capability: Can it perform the desired tasks in the desired manner ?:
    ECS can implement any desired logic, no matter how elaborate.
    ECS is the most capable/customizable system there is. No other even comes close.

  • Dependability: Does it just work, or is it flaky ?:
    ECS does the same thing the same way (every time).

  • Company experience/longevity: Will this company be around tomorrow ?:
    We have been in this business since 1990.

  • Support: Can you reach a knowledgeable person quickly, or is it a time-consuming hassle ?
    And does the company appreciate problem reports, or are they bothered by them ?

    We are always easily reached by phone.
    And when someone reports a problem to us, it immediately receives the highest priority
    (and is usually corrected within the hour).

We invite you to carefully compare ECS with other systems (e.g. Control4, HomeSeer, HAL, PowerHome).

If you're physically challenged or with a charitable organization, please send us an email describing your needs.
We may provide you ECS at no charge.

Flow chart
Note: This chart is a simplified overview, and does not convey all of ECS's extensive capabilities.

Flow chart


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