Order (or upgrade)

Major credit cards accepted.
All options include both Windows and Linux versions.
Updates are provided at no charge.

The IO-Points referenced below are any monitored/controlled states which are external to the PC
(e.g. lights, appliances, relays, digital-inputs, web-site data, etc)
50 IO-Points are sufficient for most our customers.
Please contact us if you would like assistance in estimating the number of points that you need.
If you need more points later, you can easily upgrade (see below).

Purchase includes initial setup (to monitor/control/display your specific devices as desired).

Note: If you're interested in a complete/integrated/tested system (incl hardware and/or PC), then contact us for an estimate.

Name IO-Points (?) Price Purchase
ECS/25 25 Free Free
ECS/50 50 $100
ECS/75 75 $150
ECS/100 100 $200
ECS/150 150 $250
ECS/200 200 $300
ECS/Unlimited Unlimited $400

Upgrade ECS

Name IO-Points (?) Price Purchase
ECS/+25 Add 25 $50
ECS/+50 Add 50 $100

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