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Annoying Tech Support: Maximizing the pain

  1. Do not keep notes re customer calls and/or share them with co-workers.
    That way, customers will have to re-explain their problem to every person they talk to.

  2. Speak with a thick/foreign accent.

  3. Play obnoxious music (preferably a song with a incessantly-repeated lyric that can't quite be understood).

  4. Use an audio system that sounds like a 30-year old sun-baked drive-in speaker that's been stabbed with a knife.

  5. Interrupt the music every minute or so with a recording stating how incredibly important the customer's call is.
    This repeated interruption repeatedly makes the customer think that a person is picking up.
    This breaks their train of thought, and helps prevent them from doing anything useful.
Annoying Software: A Design Guide

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