Capabilities (a few examples)
  • Web-access: Access your building from any PC or web-device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc).
    Note: ECS is not cloud based (i.e. you login directly your PC via your LAN).

  • Schedules: Set any light/appliance/etc to a desired state at any time, or upon any other condition(s).

  • Scripting: Supports powerful IF/THEN/ELSE scripting language which closely resembles normal English.

  • Energy management:
    • Implement any desired logic, no matter how elaborate (incl intelligent load shedding during peak-demand periods).
    • Assure that devices are powered on only when needed.
    • Maintain/plot totals of how long select devices have been on
    • Use sophisticated algorithms which take historical lead times into account
      (i.e. remember how long it takes to reach a desired temperature,
      and take that into account when determining when to turn on the HVAC).

  • Light/appliance control: Dim/brighten lights, and turn any appliance on/off.

  • Alerts: Notify you of any desired events via a phone call, email, and/or text message.

  • Security/Fire/Flood:
    • Detection: Monitor your building for intruders, fire, or flood.
      Detect motion via netcams/webcams and/or PIR motion detectors.
      Detect sounds via PC sound card mike.
    • Reaction: React to alarm conditions in any way desired. Speak announcements, play audio-recordings,
      record/email video, flash lights, sound an alarm, send a text message, place a phone call, etc.
    • NetCam/WebCam support: See below.
    • Emulate occupancy: Randomly turn lights on/off to make your building look occupied.
    • Cell-phone detection: ECS can detect when your is cell-phone nearby (if turned on) and automatically disable security, etc.
    • Automatic disarm: Automatically disarm security as you approach your building (eliminating false alarms).

  • NetCams/WebCams (video):
    • Record when motion is detected
    • Older recordings can be automatically purged based on age and/or disk space used.
    • Have camera images emailed to you if motion is detected during off-hours.
    • Check on your building via any internet connection.

  • Remote control: Carry out any task(s) when you push a button on virtually any remote control, keypad, pendant
    (X10, UPB, IR, and/or RF), or ECS web page (on any PC or web-device).

  • Graphics flexibility: Create fully-customized GUIs (using your own images/logos/etc)

  • Database I/O: Read/write from/to MySQL/SQLite/ODBC databases

  • Monitor/extract data from the logs of other programs

  • Commercial sign support: Display text on large LED signs (in any desired combo of colors/sizes/blinking/etc).
    See supported signs.

  • Plot any desired data over any time frame.

  • Client/server socket communications: ECS can communicate with other programs while acting as a client
    (that initiates connections) or a server (that accepts connections). Both TCP/IP and Datagram/UDP are supported.

  • Run/control other programs: Execute and control any programs by emulating keyboard/mouse activity
    in the appropriate Windows
    (just as if a person were typing or clicking).

  • Web page downloads: Download and extract info from web pages (e.g. weather forecasts, stock quotes, etc).

  • XML monitoring: Download XML pages, extract tags/values, and carry out any action(s) per the results.
    Monitor desired weather, headlines, stocks, etc, and report any desired tags/values via speech, emails, text messaging, etc.

  • Custom web pages: Create fully-customized web pages which appear and behave exactly as desired.

  • Logging/diagnostics: Any unexpected behavior may be easily diagnosed via detailed logging of the related Object(s).
    For example: If a light is coming on at an unexpected time, its log will denote what changed it, and what it was set to.

  • Accessible by other software (open API): ECS supports a simple text-based socket protocol (API) that allows other programs
    to read and modify Objects. So if you have your own software, it can easily access our entire suite of supported devices.
    And if you wish to use your own GUI, ECS can be run without one.

  • Extensive ModBus support/capablitities:
    • RS485 and TCP/IP supported
    • Intelligent read-command optimization (reads the maximum # of registers with every read)
    • Easily create a ModBus object for any device (with which you can view/modify its registers/inputs/coils)
    • Emulate a ModBus device (respond to ModBus requests from other systems just as a real ModBus device would)

  • BACNET: ECS can read/write the current value of BACNET Accumulators, Analog-Inputs, Analog-Outputs, Analog-Values,
    Binary-Inputs, Binary-Outputs, Binary-Values, & Integer-Values

  • Control/monitor unsupported devices: If you have a device which is not directly supported by ECS, chances are that you can
    support it via scripts (which can read/write data to the device's serial-port or IP address). We are also open to suggestions, if you
    would like us to add support for a new device(s).

  • Protocol gateway capabilities (i.e. forward data from one protocol to another):
    For example, set an SNMP Oject to the value of a ModBus register (and vice versa).

  • Remote access to serial devices: Most serial (RS232) devices we support may also be accessed remotely,
    whereby the device is connected to another PC and accessed via an ethernet connection. Contact us for details.
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