"My work requires that I be familiar with commercial building automation systems, and of the 15 different manufacturer's products that I work with, I would say none are as powerful and flexible as ECS. These are systems (hardware & software) that cost anywhere from $10,000 to $1,000,000 in large applications." Gary (Liberty, MO)
"ECS is very powerful, probably more powerful than anything else in the market." Rob (Orem, UT)
"We deploy ECS on Linux Embedded OS for process control in light manufacturing. We started use of ECS in 2010. Prior to ECS, our process control involved multiple systems, such as OPC, and PLC Ladder. ECS replaced all prior control systems, and has been the foundation of our OEM control products since. Yes, I would highly recommend ECS if asked. You can scale into your investment, and will find limitless uses for the product. ECS provides a streamlined framework for process control. Implementation is straightforward and powerful. Best of all, once installed ECS delivers a bullet-proof application in high-sustainability environments. Easily a SCADA replacement, our investment in ECS has rather simply yielded high value software assets." David Scranton (ECOS Systems, NC)
"ECS is one of the powerful automation products currently available on the market. While many of the web-based products look intriguing, they rapidly become nightmares to program and require multiple 3rd-party add-ons (very few free!) to accomplish much beyond basic lights on and off functionality. ECS on the other hand, has incorporated much of what in competitive products are chargeable add-ons, directly into the base product, also providing a rich, but still easy to use programming language which allows the user to design virtually anything they can imagine. And unlike purely web-based products, the result is fast and easy to change at a moments notice. Most important, ECS has a industrial grade stability that provides the peace of mind that your automation system will always be running. I can not recommend it highly enough." Bruce (Piscataway , NJ)
"I have been using ECS for a number of years. ECS has worked better than anything I have used before. It is easy to understand and the programming is a breeze. Joe (Yellowknife, NT, Canada).
"I have used ECS for over 15 years for every kind of control you could possibly imagine. ECS became my system of choice the first time I used it and it has remained that way through 3 houses I have owned. The last house was 4500 square feet and the previous owner was spending $700 to $1000 per month in electricity in the summer. In our first summer, which was hotter, our bill never exceeded $300. The support and upgrades for this product has been consistently top shelf. I would highly recommend it." Mike (New Jersey)
"I have been using ECS for years and I frequently check out other systems. ECS is simply the most powerful system available. Every other system has significant limitations. Omnipotence is also responsive to comments and continually upgrading ECS." Dan (Livonia, MI)
"I am an extremely happy user of the ECS automation program. The web based system has proven very stable and the event monitoring is great for providing real-time system status from within any web browser. Built-in web pages have a nice look and feel but additional tools are provided for creating your own custom web pages. ECS has also proven easy to interface with other hardware via its serial interface class. This product is highly recommended." Brad (Dayton, OH)
"I am so happy I decided on using ECS. Unlike other vendors, you constantly work to improve your product and your tech support has always been outstanding. Thanks so much". Sheryl
"I find ECS to be extraordinarily robust and reliable. The ability to change code without restarting, and the ability to program and operate the system from any browser, result in a trouble-free system. Amongst other things, I trust it to run my sprinklers - that is a testimonial in itself." Martin (Fremont, CA)
"Just one users opinion: GET IT. ECS is the software all others are compared by. It's always interesting to read the other lists and hear them go on about wish lists of things that ECS has had for years. Even with only an X10 controller as it's sole interface it is very capable." Carl (San Francisco, CA)
"I too say, get it! All other software that I have seen give you the options that they think up, as buttons, and that is what you can do. With ECS, you have to put a little more thought into it, but you get anything you want, can dream up, or can conjure together to work. Even if something is not directly supported, you can work it if you know the protocols." Dan (Sepulveda, CA)
"I highly appreciate your dedication to your wonderful and continually growing product!!" A.J. Griglak (Monroe Township, NJ)
"ECS is a really good product; Omnipotence supports their product, and implements many of our ideas, better than any developer I have ever seen; Many of us, myself included, have received this level of support for many years, with Omnipotence only receiving our original investment in ECS several years ago;" Michael (Alexandria, VA).
"My love of ECS is that it works great and I can make any programming that I can think up." Dan (Sepulveda, CA)
"I have been using ECS from day one (or two). It is simply the best software I have ever bought. It works. It is stable runs 7X24 at our house. It has a great price. I have been able to accomplish everything I tried to do using the existing language/syntax. Ask for enhancements if you need more. Since the package is under priced to start with, one can pay for an enhancement and still be ahead." Doug (Dirby, KS)
"Don't let anyone tell you ECS isn't the coolest automation platform ever !" Martin (Tacoma, WA)
"Finally, I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your support to us ECS users. ECS is not just my favorite hobby, it has become so ingrained in our world that we truly could not live without it." Michael (Alexandria, VA).
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