GardIn indoor gardening system (based on ECS)

GardIn is an extremely powerful/configurable indoor gardening monitoring/control system (based on ECS).
It was originally developed (and extensively enhanced/tested) for an organic mushroom company (which went out of business due to insufficient sales).
It may be used with any sensors/relays/lights supported by ECS.

Your system's layout is defined by the Properties below (among others).

Any input/output may be assigned to any tunnel(s)/rack(s)/shelf(s) (see I/O Assignment table below).

Supports MySQL and SQLite databases (for maintaining/plotting histories of temperatures/lighting/etc).

Emails detailed alarm info (e.g. "Temperature (95) is > maximum (90) in Growth:Tunnel1")

To experiment with a simulated configuration, copy \ecs\gardin.cfg to main.cfg, and run ECS.
Please let us know if you have questions. We can assist as needed with setup and/or customization (for little or no charge).

Property Description
DataBaseObject SQLite or MySQL database (to record histories of temperatures/etc, all of which may be plotted)
EmailObject EMail Object used to report alarms (e.g. "Temperature (95) is > maximum (90) in Growth:Tunnel1")
EmailReportHours Hours when alarm emails may be sent
TunnelType1:Name Name of 1st tunnel type ("Growth", "Flowering", etc)
 Count # of these tunnels
 RacksPerTunnel # of racks per tunnel
 ShelvesPerRack # of shelves per rack
TunnelType2:Name Name of 2nd tunnel type ("Growth", "Flowering", etc)
 Count # of these tunnels
 RacksPerTunnel # of racks per tunnel
 ShelvesPerRack # of shelves per rack
TunnelType3:Name Name of 3rd tunnel type ("Growth", "Flowering", etc)
 etc etc
Tunnel I/O and ranges:
 Co2sPerTunnel # of CO2 sensors per tunnel
 FansPerTunnel # of fans per tunnel
 FoggersPerTunnel # of foggers per tunnel
 HumiditiesPerTunnel # of humidity sensors per tunnel
 LightsPerTunnel # of lights per tunnel
 MistersPerTunnel # of misters per tunnel
 OxygensPerTunnel # of oxygen sensors per tunnel
 TemperaturesPerTunnel # of temperature sensors per tunnel
 MinCO2 / MaxCO2 Minimum/maximum CO2 (alarm is triggered if CO2 exceeds or falls below this value)
 MinHumidity / MaxHumidity Minimum humidity (alarm is triggered if humidity exceeds or falls below this value)
 MinOxygen / MaxOxygen Minimum Oxygen (alarm is triggered if oxygen exceeds or falls below this value)
 MinTemperature / MaxTemperature Minimum temperature (alarm is triggered if temperature exceeds or falls below this value)
Rack I/O:
 FansPerRack # of fans per rack
 FoggersPerRack # of foggers per rack
 HumiditiesPerRack # of humidity sensors per rack
 LightsPerRack # of lights per rack
 MistersPerRack # of misters per rack
 TemperaturesPerRack # of temperature sensors per rack
Shelf I/O:
 FansPerShelf # of fans per shelf
 FoggersPerShelf # of foggers per shelf
 HumiditiesPerShelf # of humidity sensors per shelf
 LightsPerShelf # of lights per shelf
 MistersPerShelf # of misters per shelf
 TemperaturesPerShelf # of temperature sensors per shelf

A few example screens:

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