Why ECS ?
  • ECS is free and open source Sources, build instructions, and design notes

  • Capability/flexibility: ECS is simply the most powerful/flexible automation software there is (and our customers concur).
    It supports more devices and features than any other, its scripting language can implement any desired logic,
    and its user-interface is extremely customizable.

  • Dependability: ECS is a robust/well-tested/proven program that's been used in homes, office buildings,
    commercial/industrial sites, universities, public schools, sports arenas, a US stock exchange,
    and over 80 dept stores. A recent installation controls over 200 traffic-caution lights in a Virginia school district,
    and another monitors tank levels for a Texas energy firm.

  • Unrivaled tech support: With many (if not most) tech companies, reaching a knowledgeable person is a time-consuming hassle.
    And they are bothered by problem reports (when they should be thankful for them !).
    In contrast, we are always easily reached by phone.
    And when someone reports a problem to us, it immediately receives the highest priority (and is usually corrected within the hour).

  • Company experience/longevity: We've been developing automation software since 1990.

  • Access security: In November/2006, world-class security experts at the Philadelphia stock exchange subjected
    ECS to some 1800 unique hack attacks (all of which failed). Since our founding in 1990, no one has ever reported
    a security-related problem.

  • Minimal memory/CPU footprint: The ECS executable is only around 4 meg, and ECS sleeps when appropriate
    (you won't even know it's running). So ECS can run on most of those old PCs that have been retired to the closet.

  • Private Label versions: If you're interested in your own customized version of ECS
    (which you may market as your own product), click here.

  • Easily interfaces with other software: ECS supports a simple TCP/IP protocol,
    through which other software can monitor/control any devices that ECS supports.
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